Amateur Radio is a multi-faceted hobby that excites interest in communicating with fellow “hams” in a variety of ways. We communicate and experiment with communications via ground wave, sky wave, short wave, and microwave over terrestrial and space-based platforms (satellites, the International Space Station, and even moon bounced signals). Modes include CW (Morse code), voice, digital, tv, images, and more. We communicate from our homes, cars, parks, mountain summits, balloons, airplanes, and just about anywhere else. We do this for our own enjoyment and in service to the public, especially during emergencies and severe weather events. We occasionally push the envelope on new techniques.

Our club was named for the most notable terrain feature in the Leavenworth area: Pilot Knob. The knob, northwest of downtown Leavenworth, has a commanding view of the area and is a great spot for repeaters. The club was established in the early 1960s and remains the social hub for local Radio Amateurs.

Wherever your life journey takes you, as a Radio Amateur you’ll always have friends, familiar and new, to talk with, learn from, and to share amazing radio adventures.

2024 Officers

  • President: Steve Rice WØSER
  • Vice.President: Keith Collier KBØKBC
  • Treasurer: Martha Auchard WØERI
  • Secretary: Roxann Kosmicki KZØIMO

To contact our officers directly, send an email to the office at sign PKARC.org. Non functional example, project.guy@pkarc.org.